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Black Oryx Real Estate is a rising real estate advisory firm that specializes in international real estate investments, assisting buyers in acquiring desirable properties and helping international students find their dream homes for their college experience abroad.

Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, Black-Oryx places specific emphasis on transparency, integrity and professionalism in a market calling for more global standards. We have a professional team with diverse skillset that is ready to assist you with your search, valuation, negotiation, purchase and the management of your international property.

Black Oryx with its wealth of networks and experience continuously seeks to reap new benefits from opportunities that are presented by an ever evolving business environment and to find sustainable solutions for our clients.

Our Values

We are committed to our promise of providing exceptional and dedicated services that are characterized with great professional care and high ethical standards.


We will ensure our excellence by maintaining the quality of our services through hard work and the continuous drive for growth while leveraging our technological solutions and acting upon our clients’ feedback.


We believe in the long term because it is sustainable and the best way forward. For example, you may want a simple home to rent for your college stay abroad. A few years later you may want to buy a property and then rent it out for some extra income. Black Oryx wants to be part of your adventure and grow together with you.

Long Term Thinking

Our Vision

Simply, we believe that it is the client that matters. We strive to exceed expectations and to be the best international real estate advisors in the region by way of our high quality of service. Client satisfaction, be it a business or an individual, is the backbone of our success. We never miss an opportunity to build strong relationships to achieve success for the long term, because long term success is the only success that is sustainable. As the world becomes more connected, our vision is to play a leading role in connecting clients in Qatar to the international real estate world with a strategic focus on the North American, British and European markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients find the best real estate deal for their buck while maximizing the quality of their experience, be it for leisure or investment. We always aim to develop long lasting meaningful relationships with our partners and clients because we believe that long term thinking is the key to success.

What We Do

Principal investments

In addition to our development projects, we buy our own properties as part of our principal investments division and rent them out to clients in need.

Advisory & Brokerage

We advise and broker for clients in Qatar wishing to buy properties internationally, be it for investment or leisure with all the search, valuation, negotiation, purchasing and property management (through our partners) that is needed

International students

We assist Qatari based students studying abroad in finding a home for their university stay (Buy or rental)

Why UK? Why US? Why Europe?

Given the current global recession derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, the real estate industry to due for a fundamental change. Real estate’s clobbering runs wide and deep. Hospitality, including hotels, restaurants, took a significant blow in early 2020, shut down by gubernatorial fiat beginning with China before spreading worldwide. Malls, shopping centers, and sporting and entertainment venues locked down next, emptying almost every physical location where people densely gather nationwide. This presents an opportunity as far as finding undervalued properties in various places around the world, especially in the United States.

  • States such as Texas, Florida & Georgia are seeing big population growth as companies from New York & California are relocating to cheaper areas.
  • Baby boomer generation retiring and moving from expensive states to cheaper ones
  • Many companies are moving from traditional offices to work from home style of management such as Tesla and HP

‌‌Board Members

Chairman and Co-Founder – Mr Abdulrahman Bin Abdulla Al Mannai:

Abdulrahman is Black Oryx’s Chairman and Co-Founder, where he oversees the company’s sales and partnership operations. Abdulrahman is a passionate and an active individual who is eager to give back to the Qatari community and develop a robust network of likewise minded people in the workspace. Abdulrahman gained valuable experience at Audio Video Centre as well as Baric & Partner Architecture (B&P) where he enhanced his professional network and was able to establish prominent business relationships with different counterparts and organizations. It is his communication skills and reach that sets him apart from others and thus, empowering Black Oryx with its unique identity. Abdulrahman began his graduate studies at the University of North Atlantic in Qatar and later transferred to the University of Northampton in the United Kingdom where he graduated with honors.

Our Main Markets

North America (United States & Canada)
The United Kingdom

Contact Us

  • +974 40011678
  • +974 77697785

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